A change of pace…

I’ve decided to change the title of this blog to “The Curious Commuter” due to the amount of thinking and idea generating that I do while driving about 3,000 miles a month.

Many of these ideas are shot from mind to media via twitter (@Jginese23) and expanded on from there. In the past I’ve used Twitter as nothing more than a place to read interesting shared articles and participate in a conversation here or there. Once I started to tweet my random thoughts and ideas on Twitter this past weekend, some people found interest and encouraged me to run with a few of them. (thanks @LittleJame @dawnpappas @jenontheblock @carolyngolz)

Now my interest is peaking and my brain is working overtime – constantly observing (and participating) in the life that is happening around me while thinking what could be done differently or more efficiently.

For example, http://twitter.com/JGinese23/status/14111885661 or perhaps this http://twitter.com/JGinese23/status/14111992728.

So now I will try to post an idea every day here that I thought about during my ride into work.

Stay tuned…you may be inspired, entertained, or perhaps confused.

Rock on,


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