Here’s my card. Write me, don’t type me.

It just dawned me on while reading an article about updating/upgrading your business card that a cool idea would be to include an address label on the back of your card, maybe even an address label and a stamp. Imagine that!

Instead of writing your Twitter handle on the back, or your LinkedIn profile, or your Facebook URL you simply say, “Great, I’d love to hear from you. On the back of my card is an address label and a stamp. Please write.”

How encouraged would you be to write that person a letter? How different would they stand out in your mind?

I think I might start to look for a supplier that can make this happen just out of curiosity. Perhaps at NASPA 2011 you may see my business card flying around with an address label and a stamp already on it.

That’s my idea for the day (first on in a looooong time!) – who says it couldn’t happen?

Rock on,


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