Thinking about Job Terms

The most important job in the country (aside from parent) is arguably the position of President of the United States. The presidential term is four years. You know when you are elected you have four years to make stuff happen.

What do you think would happen if we extended the terms of conference planning teams? A chair now has TWO years to make the ideal experience. I imagine this would work better for regional rather than national but the idea still stands. Give the conference/event planner two years to reach and make their outcomes a reality.

No more one shot deals. No more let’s cram everything for everyone in one 3-day period.

Two year conference chair positions = raised accountability, raised expectations, raised satisfaction.

What if you job was given a term? Would it change what you do or don’t do? Would it make you more focused or more stressed? Share your thoughts and be extraordinary.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about Job Terms

  1. Agreed. From the nonprofit board world, most terms are three years to allow for membership, leadership, and transition. I wonder the same – what would happen if student leaders got two years (18 months, even) to hold a position…

    • Other students and admins would scream “but that means you are taking away a leadership opportunity for another student!”

      I know because I’ve made that argument before but it is true. What if we limited the leadership positions and only the students truly dedicated to the cause held the position for 3 semester or 3 quarters?

      Would it increase club efficiency (depending on how you define it)? Would it make a difference in the activities of the club? Would longer leadership terms let status quo creep in?

      Sounds like an interesting dissertation…does the term length and quantity of leadership positions on campus affect student satisfaction of involvement and/or the impact of the club on campus and it’s members?

      • “Taking away another opportunity” – I see both sides of that argument, for sure. But I also think that moving forward, given our economy, etc., that students (and adults) who create their own opportunity (rather than fill an open role) will be better poised to succeed. That’s a dissertation topic in and of itself, for sure, too.

        • Now you are talking! The question is how do we get them to create their own opportunities without starting a new club every time they want a leadership position?

          Is a leadership position really important? Or is it just the aspects of the leadership position?

          • Boom – you keep coming back at me.

            I agree; the trick is not to run off and start a new club every time you want to lead. I think, however, there are many ways to start something within an existing group/club/society/fraternity. Akin to the idea of “intrapreneurship.”

            Is a position important? No; leadership is rarely evidenced by a title alone. I would think, in fact, that in today’s world, “founder” may teach more than “president” at the college level.

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