Thinking about Job Terms

The most important job in the country (aside from parent) is arguably the position of President of the United States. The presidential term is four years. You know when you are elected you have four years to make stuff happen.

What do you think would happen if we extended the terms of conference planning teams? A chair now has TWO years to make the ideal experience. I imagine this would work better for regional rather than national but the idea still stands. Give the conference/event planner two years to reach and make their outcomes a reality.

No more one shot deals. No more let’s cram everything for everyone in one 3-day period.

Two year conference chair positions = raised accountability, raised expectations, raised satisfaction.

What if you job was given a term? Would it change what you do or don’t do? Would it make you more focused or more stressed? Share your thoughts and be extraordinary.

Conference 3.0: The Discussion

Right now, you can join the discussion at #SAtech is hosting a conversation about #conf30 TODAY!

On July 3rd, 2012 Kristen Abell (@KristenDom) and I (@JoeGinese) hosted a #CONF30 discussion. What resulted was 548 tweets generating 657,175 impressions and reaching an audience of 48,310 followers (Thank you!)

Kristen actually Storify’d the entire conversation.

Keep scrolling, it’s a long story!

Catching up with Conference 3.0

Alright folks, we’ve been throwing stuff out there to start making changes in the way we see conferences, and we think it’s time to open this up to the greater community for discussion. But first, we wanted to provide a re-cap of what’s been posted so far – by us, by other student affairs folks, and those outside of student affairs. Take a look-see, and join us for a chat today by following the #conf30 hashtag – we’ll be here all day today answer questions, fueling conversation, and just generally talking Conference 3.0.

You can also join us again in a couple of weeks at the #satech chat – July 18th at 2 p.m. CST.

The Conference 3.0 series:
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5/18/2012 Here is the call to action, call back!
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6/25/2012 Joining a Conference Committee -

A library of links relevant to the Conf30 discussion.

Student Affairs folks respond:
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Conference 3.0 outside Student Affairs:
Plan your meetings – Top 5 meeting trends
Jersey Alliance – Innovative Event Planning Boot Camp
EDUCause – Call for Proposals
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