On the shoulders of giants, I shall stand.




ACPA 2014. My first ACPA. Reinvent. Indy. Pecha Kucha. ACPA Media. Genius Labs. HEd Talks. Brené Brown. Social Media Command Center.  A website that was adaptive, creative, and pleasing to the eye.

An incoming Executive Director who is inspiring, driven educator, advocate, and a storyteller.

An incoming President who sees endless potential in the connections between scholarship and practice and the rapidly expanding advancement of technology in student affairs.

It was far and away one of the most engaging and fun conferences I have ever attended and at the same time the one which I felt the most connected. Between social media, people, speaking and the sessions – everything spoke to my personal, professional, and imaginary mind and spirit.

While I’ve never been a big fan of themes at conferences, ACPA 15’s is a call to action. We must consider, collaborate, create, and commit as educators and as an association to the possibilities, the creativity, and the talent that the association membership has to offer as well as outside influences.


What can ACPA 15 in Tampa, Florida possibly do to carry on the momentum, the energy, and the progress that ACPA 14 started?

I’m not about to sit on the sidelines to wait and find out. I’m lucky to have build an amazing pyramid of network connections who have partied with me, protected me, and most of all promote me and my work.

Which brings me to where I am right now.

Today, I can announce that I have joined the ACPA 2015 Convention Steering Team in the Tech/Innovation Chair role. In this role I will be standing on the shoulders of giants whom I am grateful to call friends and mentors (Ed Cabellon & Tony Doody).

I hope to see you in Tampa, March 5th – March 8th.

If you missed Indy, you won’t want to miss this.

If you attended Indy, you know what you will miss if you don’t attend Tampa.

Let’s get to work.

4 thoughts on “On the shoulders of giants, I shall stand.

  1. Thank you for your passionate words Joe. As you now have a leadership role with the conference I am curious to know what your plans are to integrate the work of the conference into serving the lives of the new & first year students you work with at CUNY BMCC?

    • Tim,

      Great question and thanks for reading and commenting.

      I actually believe my work with the new and first year students at BMCC CUNY has and will continue to play a role in how I approach developing and designing some new aspects to ACPA 15. The program design at BMCC has to engage, entertain, and educate groups from 10 up to 150 and sometimes up to 500 which will be exactly what I am going to be faced with at ACPA 15. So that is just one of the many ways the two roles will coincide and benefit from one another.

  2. My excitement and expectations for Tampa just doubled with this news (but no pressure of course ) You are going to be AMAZING. You are the right person at the right time for this role and I know that you’ll continue to raise the bar and introduce new ways to learn, teach, explore and connect so that we can ALL better serve our students.

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