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ginese15At a young age, Joe convinced his mother to let him stay up late so he could explore every inch of Hyrule on the NES. As he got older, he realized that that type of persistence and sharing of curiosity could be powerful in creating experiences for others to explore their potential.

Currently, Joe has taken his curiosity to task in efforts to advocate for the reinvention of conference experiences and innovation within first-year programs at community colleges.

Joe takes his child-like curiosity and unrelenting grit, injects it into his daily activities, and uses it to drive students, colleagues, and communities to explore their, sometimes unknown, capabilities. Some call Joe an instigator while others describe him as an innovator. He considers himself a champion for change.

Joe believes that everyone is a student of life as they should attempt to learn something new every day from anyone who has something to teach. He also attempts to read books as fast as he eats his French toast. His favorite thing is witnessing potential be realized by those who never imagined they had so much. On that note, finish this sentence “If there is one thing I’d like to say I accomplished by the end of this year it would be…” and e-mail it to Joe (just click here!)


Myers Briggs: ENTP

StrengthsQuest: Achiever, Learner, Futuristic, Restorative, Intellection

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  1. Dear Ms. Ginese,

    I really appreciate your collection of information for teachers on the The Curious Commuter

    One thing I have found invaluable in my journey to learning more about education is the PLN (Professional Learning Network) available to every teacher on Twitter. They have a lot of conversations on different topics every week and it is great to listen in and participate.

    There are a few other conversations that I have found helpful as well for different areas of education so I made a widget that would combine them all, http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/online-teaching/widgets. It would be a useful widget to post on your page so you and your readers can view up-to-the-second conversations that teachers are having without needing to leave your website.

    I tried to make it as easy as possible to install the widget. You just copy the code from right below the widget and paste it onto your website. Let me know if you have any issues with the installation or feedback on the widget.


    Nathan Grimm
    SR Education Group – Program Manager
    Follow me @n8ngrimm
    (425) 605-8898
    123 Lake Street South Suite B-1

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