What do we carry in our pockets?

Well at first we didn’t have them in our pockets because at first they looked like this:


Holy Bag Phone Batman!

Then a few years later Mr. Zack Morris opened our eyes to the “hand-held” mobile phone:

Kelly, can you hear me now?

Which slowly transformed into a “flip” phone:

It flips.

Then the phone that, for a short time, revolutionized the cellular phone world…the Motorola StarTAC:

Scotty...beam me up.

So on and so forth the models and types of cell phones ranged from “sliders”, “candy-bars”, text phones, pocket phones, micro-phones, etc. Eventually reaching what may be the¬†pinnacle of phone technology for the next few years:


And just to play fair:

I am Android...(shown on the HTC EVO 4G)

But this isn’t a blog about cell phones or the timeline/history/usage of them. This is an idea a day blog and cellular phones/smart devices play a key role in my idea for today.

You see, those last two examples are capable of things that the original cellular telephone never had in mind nor was ever designed for. The cellular telephone was for people stranded in cars and high profile politicos or finance moguls.

Nowadays, these devices are capable of well-just about everything aside from making you a cup of coffee (which with the right app and web-enabled coffee maker I’m not entirely sure that is a true statement anymore).

So here is the idea and GM is on to this with it’s OnStar service which alerts the authorities if you’ve been in a crash automatically, provides live GPS service (you actually talk to a person), and sometimes are just fun to talk to (I’ve done it, they are really nice!).

But wait, cars nowadays are almost as technologically advanced as the devices we carry in our pockets – alerting us if we are swaying into the other lane, if it senses us getting tired, and if we are about to rear-end the vehicle in front of us.

I digress…let’s get to the idea and it is not so far fetched albeit somewhat imaginable in a science fiction movie.

What if your smart mobile device replaced your dashboard in your vehicle. Well ok not the actually dashboard but perhaps it “docks” on your dashboard which is home to a larger screen (let’s say 7 or 10 inch screens to easy viewing) via micro USB which is now becoming the standard on phones.

The dock on the dash would accept all smart devices moving forward and of course, only the newest vehicles would have this feature due to the lack of backwards capabilities.

Now, both Android and iPhone have applications that can do the basics found on your typical dashboard – FM radio, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, iTunes/MP3 music player, and web-connectivity for searches. When you get into your luxury car you are now forced with a choice; in-dash computer system or your smart device in your pocket that is ultimately more up to date and possibly faster…seems silly to have two of the same thing.

Now these applications of which hundreds, if not thousands, are programmed and born into the virtual world everyday could be sponsored by car manufacturers to control the other basic dashboard controls, mainly your HVAC and perhaps your seat position. When you think about, many of those things are already controlled by a computer chip and computer program anyhow, you are just taking the computer out of the engine bay and into your pocket.

So final thoughts – your mobile phone now controls you vehicle. You get into your vehicle, plug in your mobile device, the car awakens to your preferences (maybe even greets you like Jarvis from Iron Man), and you are on your merry way utilizing your applications to entertain you while in the car.

Your mobile device now becomes your car keys (there is already an application that will unlock your car if you have a specific security system linked to it) which means one less thing to carry in your pocket.

But…what happens if I lose my phone? Well, how do you lose something that for the majority of people in the population that has cellular technology around them, is the last thing you look at before you go to sleep, the first thing you look at when you wake up, and oddly enough the one thing that you play with even in your most private moments?

It’s just an idea – who says it couldn’t happen?

Rock on,


Facebook 3.0

UStream + YouTube + Facebook = Facebook Live or Facebook 3.0

Here is my thought – Facebook is Web 2.0 for the most part. Any information in your profile is “live”, meaning if you click on the title of one of your favorite movies it searches Facebook for anything related to that movie. I suppose it’s useful but I don’t think anyone has ever really used the power of that feature (if it really does have any).

Continuing with the “favorite movies” portion of your profile – in Facebook Live (Facebook 3.0) – you would click on one of your favorite movies and it would link to YouTube to show clips and trailers of that movie. Even better, it would like to YouTube and a video of you saying why it is your favorite movie. Or(!) better yet, on your Facebook profile it just says “Favorite Movies” and when a visitor clicks on the link – it is again linked to YouTube where it shows you in a clip explaining all of your favorite movies and why they are your favorite.
This would bring the text to life and it would allow visitors to see exactly how much you really like Shawshank Redemption or perhaps Fight Club, since it seems as the majority of college students list those two movies in their profiles as favorites (that is, the majority of college student profiles I have seen).

Continue this function for the entire length of the profile review your favorite books, recite your favorite quotes, talk about your favorite tv shows, the possibilities are endless! Your Facebook profile almost becomes a virtual interview. For Facebook stalkers, or that cute classmate you just met in class and friended you before the end of the day – it becomes an impromptu coffee chat only you never have to leave your room!

Wait a minute, so all the small talk that would normally take place awkwardly in the dining hall or in line at registration would already be done and out of the way before I even met this person?! Well…in a way…yes! So now, instead of saying, “Hey do you like movies?” you can go right ahead and tell that cute classmate “Loved your review of Mean Girls! Poor LiLo is a mess these days though.” And have conversation go from there. Whether or not this is detrimental to the social development of the students or if this is perhaps beneficial to their development is a post for another time. I am just stating the idea of bringing Facebook to life.

So where does UStream come in? Well, Facebook right now has status updates – little quips of frustration, celebration, boredom and vagueness that, well, leave much to be desired.

What if with your camera-equipped mobile phone or laptop instead of typing out your status update – you recorded it?

Imagine, you are a high school senior and you just got into NYU. Would you rather run to Facebook and type on your status “OMG NYU CLASS OF 2014!!!” or would you rather have this posted (only it could be live and later archived on YouTube)?

Facebook Live a.k.a Facebook 3.0 – Listen up Mr. Zuckerberg (@finkd), you’ll thank me when you make your next billion.

That’s the idea of the day.

Rock on,


Car Garden!

Imagine with me for a minute automobiles on the road that have extension cords coming out of their front bumpers and solar panels on their hoods, roofs and trunks. Perhaps even on their windows with some solar panels that are so thin that you wouldn’t really notice they were there/they wouldn’t hamper your vision. What would this be good for?

Check this out: http://www.wpunj.edu/news/detail.dot?id=158612 or if you don’t want to click and read about William Paterson University in New Jersey and their plans for a parking lot solar panel you can just get the visual below.

Sundurance Lot1

Personally, that’s hideous and does little to beautify a campus or a community. However, it is an interesting concept that I thought could be expanded and perhaps thought of in a different way (i.e. my car example above).

Instead of this stationary, enormous eye sores in the middle of a campus community why not have sleek, small, mobile solar panels moving about?

Transfer students’ cars into solar power generating machines. Follow me here – most college campuses have a plethora of cars parked for hours, days, sometimes weeks at a time. Not making the campus money, taking up space, and generally have zero productivity. Now, if those parking spots could be equipped with some sort of plug – I’m thinking of a guard rail that more or less looks like a ginormous surge protector. The vehicles are covered in solar panels, they are plugged into the e-guardrail, they are helping power the residence hall or administrative building they are parked closest to, they are CONTRIBUTING to the community to which they pollute on a part-time basis.

I don’t know about you but stationary solar panels don’t clean themselves, clear themselves of snow, or particularly look very nice. Vehicles students keep particularly clean, some look great, and how about the reputation of having a “green” commuter population on campus?

If you can make a solar panel a translucent film that actually protects the paint job on a car, then you have a selling point for people to participate and buy.

Park. Plug. Power. ¬†It’s a car garden growing power on your campus.

That’s my idea for the day.

Rock on,


P.S. less parking on campus = more green space but with solar-panel equipped cars -> more cars on campus = a “greener” campus.